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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

HPLFF 2009: Dirt Dauber and Wall of Sleep added...

Dirt Dauber, the latest short film from
writer/director Steve Daniels, has been added to the 2009 H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival schedule. The film revolves around a man who awakens naked and confused in a isolated mountainous region, and encounters a strange local who offers to help him. The helpful stranger tells the man of local folklore that speaks of a murderous religious cult, a train tunnel cut deep into the mountain that leads to nowhere, and an insect-like fertility god that is said to dwell within it. The two men soon go underground in search of the truth, and find themselves in a stygian black temple of horror. The Gibbering Horror of Howard Ghormley, the previous effort from Daniels (who will be in attendance) was an award winner at the 2005 HPLFF...

Also added to the festival's schedule is
Nathan Fisher's Beyond the Wall of Sleep. Sleep revolves around Dr. Kaufman who must attempt to find the source of violent madness in Joe Slater, a new patient that arrives at his asylum. Slater has suffered his entire life from strange fits upon awakening, ranting and screaming to the heavens. When Joe murders a neighbor in the throes of one of his attacks he comes under the care of the one man who may be able to discover what lies beyond the wall of sleep. Beyond the Wall of Sleep stars Jason Finley as Dr. Kaufman and Greg Cannon as Joe Slater with a special appearance by TROMA's Lloyd Kaufman...

(Thanks to Steve Daniels and
Nathan Fisher)

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