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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Stuart Gordon talks Nevermore and Re-Animator musical...

Horror legend Stuart Gordon dropped a line in regards to a couple of his projects, current and forthcoming, including news on Re-Animator: The Musical!

"In regard to
RE-ANIMATOR The Musical," Stuart tells, "We are currently workshopping the script with a production planned for the fall in Los Angeles."

As for
NEVERMORE: An Evening With Edgar Allan Poe, the one-man show will be performed at the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal in July, and will continue touring with appearances in Austin and San Diego...

Also scheduled for Fantasia is a 25th Anniversary uncut 35mm screening of the cult classic,
Re-Animator, with Stuart and actor Jeffrey Combs in attendance...

(Thanks to Stuart Gordon and

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  1. Re-Animator turned into a musical? That should make for a fun night out in the town!

    Ive always admired Stuart Gordon's films, my favorite one is From Beyond, thank god it was finally released on DVD! I had been waiting ages for it!

    Dagon was the best of his Lovecraft films, I wish he would do another Lovecraft themed movie, I heard he was involved with a couple of projects like The Thing at the Doorstep and House of Re-Animator, but nothing ever came of those....sadly.

    I havent lost hope yet, Im looking forward to another Stuart Gordon Gorefest!


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