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Monday, December 6, 2010

Del Toro reveals Mountains of Madness start date...

According to The Playlist, Guillermo del Toro (in an interview that appeared in Empire magazine) lists June, 2011 as the start date for At the Mountains of Madness, if "everything goes according to plan". The film would then be released in 2012...

Del Toro went on to say, "I'm rewriting and rewriting. I keep rewriting, not for budgetary reasons, but for creative reasons. For me, the beauty of the book is really [that] it's all about perspective. It's about putting mankind in the right perspective in the cosmic scope. Lovecraft is very hard to adapt. He's the master of ambiguity, and film is all about specificity."

Check out The Playlist for more...

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  1. A 2010 gift for all Lovecraftians!

    As a tribute to the upcoming Guillermo Del Toro, James Cameron, Universal Studios, 3D Movie:

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    Merry Christmas/Cthulhumas to Everyone!

    Will Hart
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