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Thursday, December 16, 2010

La Sombra Prohibida...

The sequel to Jose Luis Aleman's The Valdemar Legacy, starring horror legend Paul Naschy, will be released in Spain January 28, 2011! The last time we covered Valdemar, it was announced that Cthulhu might play a part in the sequel, and as the trailer and poster art reveal, the stars are indeed right in La Sombra Prohibida (The Forbidden Shadow)...

During Expocomic in Madrid, the film was promoted by an imposing statue of the Great God himself (who would not look out of place in Peter Jackson's LOTR trilogy), and many fans took the time to get their picture taken before seemingly going insane...

Check out the official site here...




  1. Not only does Cthulhu appear in this film but Lovecraft himself is a character (played by Luis Zahera). I believe he appears twice in the trailer, setting on a bench and examining a book. Who knew Lovecraft spoke fluent Spanish?

  2. Thanks for the info Alan! Off to watch the trailer again!

  3. Anyone know if it will be available in the US anytime soon? I'd love to see this!! (and the first one for that matter.) But I haven't been able to find anything on either movie..

  4. If it's half as bad as the first part, viewing it might be akin to looking into Azathot's arsehole with naked eyes.

  5. I am so looking forward to seeing this - Paul Nachy is great..The poster is amazing too.


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