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Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Curse of Yig one-sheets, images, and reviews...

The Curse of Yig, the latest project from filmmakers Paul Von Stoetzel and Tim Uren, is finished and currently awaiting its festival run (with one screening already in the can)! Below you find several promotional posters (and images) created/taken by Richard Molby, and if you head over to She Never and the official blog of Eldritch author W. H. Pugmire, Esq., you can read reviews of the film...

(Thanks to Sarah L. Covert, W. H. Pugmire, Esq. and Paul Von Stoetzel)

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  1. You should stop by and listen to the archive version of this awesome interview:

    Also, Joe Pulver wrote a review of the film on SNS. You can find it here:


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