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Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Whisperer in Darkness DVD is now available...

Sean Branney announced today, via facebook, that the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society is taking orders for the Whisperer in Darkness on DVD! Based on HPL's 1931 tale, and brought to life using their patented Mythoscope™ process (a mix of vintage and modern techniques), The Whisperer in Darkness tells of Albert Wilmarth, a folklore professor at Miskatonic University, who investigates legends of strange creatures rumored to dwell in the most remote mountains of Vermont. Wilmarth's investigation leads him to a discovery of horrors quite beyond anything he ever imagined, and ends in a desperate attempt to escape the remote New England hills with his life and sanity intact...

The highly anticipated follow-up to their now classic The Call of Cthulhu stars Matt Foyer and Barry Lynch, and was shot on location in New England and in Hollywood...

The deluxe 2-disc DVD features:

- The Whisperer in Darkness (103 minutes, black and white) with 5.1 surround sound
- a commentary track with the film's producers
- subtitles in twenty three languages
- a replica prop newspaper clipping about the Vermont flooding

Disc two features:

- a delightful and revealing 47 minute Behind the Scenes documentary
- seven documentary featurettes showcasing special effects and filmmaking techniques
- numerous deleted and/or extended scenes
- strange bonus features we cannot even describe
all Whisperer in Darkness trailers

Retail is $24.50...

Click here for more...

(Thanks to Sean Branney)

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