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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Kickstarter: NecronomiCon: The Premier Lovecraft Convention in Providence

NecronomiCon: The Premier Lovecraft Convention in Providence

"Resurrecting the Memory of Lovecraft... just a few more essential salts to go.
Dear Friends - we've been overwhelmed with the amount of support, positive feedback, and buzz we've gotten from Lovecraft scholars and fans, Weird Fiction authors and artists, and all manner of people who have a love for Hoary Providence.
Our plans are rapidly moving forward to bring the world the premier Lovecraft literary and scholarly conference and cultural convention, right here in the heart of Lovecraft's beloved hometown, August 23-25, 2013.

Imagine: a convention with top-notch research, writing, and non-Euclidean geometry... as well as history, art, music, theater, gaming, food, etc. All over the course of three really intense days next August.
The many tasks associated with pulling off a successful convention worthy of Grandpa's memory come with a hefty preliminary bill. In order to quickly meet our financial needs and keep our momentum up, we've realized that Kickstarter is our best friend. It's helped that so many of YOU friends have suggested it to us, too.
So - what do we need? We have a number of varied bills that will soon come due, divided into two primary areas of need: Printing/Advertising (T-shirts, posters, flyers, print and web adverts), and Venues (particularly down payments and deposits on our meeting halls, art galleries, etc). Our projected budget and what we expect to pull in with ticket sales and sponsorships will cover our expenses over the long run, but for the short term, having some seed money would be a HUGE help in keeping us moving forward to getting the stars just right.

So, we're putting our collective hat out and asking you folks, who desperately want the same thing we do, to consider jumping in when it'll count the most.

Check out the rewards we're offering! We truly hope we're presenting a tantalizing collection that will inspire you all."

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