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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Kickstarter: H. P. Lovecraft's DAGON - an animated adaptation

Kickstarter: H. P. Lovecraft's DAGON - an animated adaptation

A unique adaptation of H.P Lovecraft’s seminal horror tale ‘DAGON’, atmospheric cosmic horror, in hand-drawn, full colour animation.

H. P. Lovecraft
DAGON, Lovecraft’s seminal weird tale, establishing a framework to a mythos who's influence can be felt in almost allcontemporary horror and science fiction.
Director Alastair McColl (Bird World) and editor Simon Modery (Four Horsemen) will produce a hand-drawn, full colour animated adaptation of the story, which will be loyal to the expectations of Lovecraft’s fan community, and explore the contemporary resonance of the work.
Using animation to realise Lovecraft’s prototypical work, we can visually create the subjective experience of ‘seeing the unseeable’ in a way live action horror films can fail.  We cannot fall into the same trap of showing to much and dispelling the horror. 
Though we will use animation to explore and challenge the story – ultimately - our faith to the source material will be loyal to Lovecraft’s vision. 
Lovecraft fans will be familiar with the narrative, and the doomed inevitability of nightmares followed by oblivion. Our challenge is to create an adaptation which will surprise the viewer but preserve Lovecraft’s mythos. Our love of the source material and our collective film-making experience help us to achieve this. 
Keeping to the animation schedule always presents a challenge to an animation team, especially where it is a project prompted by the passions of the creative’s involved, so we will have to have very considered production plans to ensure we realise the imagery of the story the best it can be, while still respecting the projects delivery plan. Our sense of responsibility to our backers here is absolute, DAGON will be at its squamous best because it’s by fans for fans, but we are film professionals as well, so with careful planning, we will make the deadline, and the stars will be right! 
The other major risk is our souls being eaten by the infinite horrors from beyond the tangible realm. As always.

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