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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Venture Brothers Head to Dunwich

...Dunwich Asylum that is.

The Venture Brothers (a cartoon on Adult Swim for those unfamiliar) has never shied away from mentioning the mythos. Prior episodes have included an "Evil Dead" style Necronomicon and an appearance by Cthulhu himself. The latest episode, having aired Sunday, July 7th, has the boys intentionally having themselves to Dunwich Asylum.

The avoidance of the name "Arkham" is possibly to avoid confusion with (or lawsuits stemming from) the DC comics Asylum of the same name. Regardless of the reasoning, the name drop is always pleasant to see.

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  1. It is spelled DUNWITCH over the asylum gates. This avoids the Lovecraftian argument 'dunnich or dun-witch?' as well as any confusion with a REAL asylum in Dunwich, Australia (where they DO say Dunnich!).

    See screenshot:


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