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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Announcement: Dreamlands Crowd-funding Goes Live

In one of the more ambitious crowd-funding campaigns, Huan Vu is appealing to the masses to help him in bringing H P Lovecraft's Dream Cycle to life. This is no low budget attempt, this is no "H P Lovecraft's Related Only By Title Schlock". Haun Vu is the real deal. His care in bringing this project to life shows in every teaser trailer that has been assembled and in every detail that he has revealed.

Simply put, this is EXACTLY the sort of project that Unfilmable was created for. We could not be more excited to see this fundraiser go live, and we hope that all of you will contribute and spread the word far and wide.

Yes, it is an expensive film, but it is an expansive premise.

Head over, check out the rewards, and spread the word.

The Dreamlands on Indiegogo

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