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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dirigible Days mixes Steampunk with the Cthulhu Mythos...

For Immediate Release:

ST. LOUIS, June 30, 2012 - Independent film company Day 304 Productions is developing a new addition to the world of steampunk. Dirigible Days is a web series that will follow the crew of the airship S.S. Beatrix as they transport a shady lawman and his dangerous prisoner from the Cult of Cthulhu

Dirigible Days will consist of five 7-10 minute long web episodes. The adventure takes place in an alternate reality nearly 1,000 years after a catastrophe transformed the surface of Earth and raised floating islands launching a new age of exploration and colonization. The crew of the Beatrix includes comedic engineer Hooper, mute pilot Josie, and gun-arm toting Captain Santiago Dunbar.

Anthony Daniels (Star Wars) provides the show's opening narration, and steampunk band Vernian Process has composed the theme music. St. Louis band The Root Diggers will also supply music for the show. And after a successful Kickstarter campaign, production is well underway on the miniseries with episode one set to be released in early August.

New episodes will be screened in advance at St. Louis' only monthly steampunk gathering known as "Gaslight Squared" at Lola, a bar and restaurant in the city's hip nightlife district of Washington Avenue. Writer James Bragado states that "Lola is the center of steampunk in this city. Many who attend Gaslight Squared are involved in Dirigible Days, so everyone is really excited to attend the premiers". 

Check out the first episode below...

(Thanks to James Bragado)

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