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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Soundtrack: The Unquiet Void "The Secret of Vanished Aeons"

Jason Wallach told me that work is under way for the eagerly awaited finale to the H.P. Lovecraft trilogy. The third installment will depict the earthly inhabitation of the Elder Things as well as the great Cthulhu as written of in Lovecraft's classic tale At the Mountains of Madness. The end of this release will somehow lead into 2004's Poisoned Dreams. More news will be posted as it becomes available. The album title is The Secret of Vanished Aeons.

" This album will be the most melodic or musical of the three and will contain the best audio quality... in this way everything sort of degrades as the listener progresses through the trilogy to the ugly inevitable end that is The Shadow-Haunted Outside. It was always my intention to make the releases quite literal to their purposes in the storytelling... or as literal as I could possibly make them. The Shadow-Haunted Outside is just a nasty, nihilistic, fucked up and thoroughly uncomfortable ride as it was meant to be. That being said the sound of this one, being born of At the Mountains of Madness, will convey cold, darkness and cosmic disease. I'm very excited about it!! Again, if you haven't yet please partake of the sample on the website in the Lovecraft Trilogy section."

As soon as we come across a Press Release or can confince Jason to join us for an interview, we'll keep you posted!
For the time being, you can listen to samples of his previous work here.

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