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Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Last Battleground...

Prolific independent filmmaker Sonny Fernandez (Bleed, The Aborted) is hard at work on his latest micro-budget epic The Last Battleground...

The film follows a bunch of seemingly unconnected characters: a pair of inept hitmen, an abused girl who relies on an invisible friend to get her through rough times, a young homeless woman, and an artist who’s been noticing a change in the world around him. Their paths and others will intersect and criss-cross when one fateful night, the world comes to an end. Heaven and hell have had their ultimate showdown for control of the earth and hell has won. Where do you run when salvation no longer exists? When the dead are coming back as Lovecraftian demons manipulated by their earthly sins, when the ground has opened up to unleash unholy creatures upon the world, where do you hide? Prepare yourself for apocalyptic horror on an epic scale. The end of the world is here, there are no heroes, there is no place to survive and the last battleground is the fight for all of our souls...

"I really want to let my imagination run wild with this one. I want it to be very Lovecraftian in nature - showing things that really can't be explained. Just a lot of, "What the hell is THAT?" moments. You're seeing it, but for the life of you, you can't really explain what it exactly is. It's just a mass of bloody chaos."

- Sonny Fernandez

Visit Sonny on MySpace to learn more about The Last Battleground!

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