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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pickman's Models: Who is Erich Zann...

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The Music of Erich Zann, my favorite of Lovecraft's tales, has inspired numerous filmmakers in wildly different ways, but lucky for us, the results have often been amazing...

So this week, I've decided to showcase some of the actors who've portrayed Erich Zann over the years from Robert Alexander in John Strysik's 1980 adaptation through Dale Bradley in Gabriel Bradley's 2009 film…

Robert Alexander as Erich Zann in The Music of Erich Zann (1980) by John Strysik

Cristiana Vaccaro as Carlotta Zann in La Casa sfuggita (The Shunned House, 2003) by Ivan Zuccon

Benny S. Cannon as Erich Zahn in Asleep in the Deep (2005) by Paul von Stoetzel

Die Musik des Erich Zann (2005) by Anna Gawrilow (Erich Zann created by Anna Gawrilow)

Edward Keith Baker as Erich Zann in The Music of Erich Zann (2005) by Christopher Marston

Dale Bradley as Erich Zann in The Music of Erich Zann (2009) by Gabriel Bradley

(Thanks to all the actors who have portrayed Erich Zann)


  1. Oh, there was that amazing opera "The Music of Ericka Zahn," by the way.



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