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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Updated: Dirt Dauber trailer unearthed...

The trailer for
Dirt Dauber, the latest Lovecraftian horror short from award winning filmmaker Steve Daniels (The Gibbering Horror of Howard Ghormley), is now online (you can watch it below). The 33 minute film, written and directed by Steve, stars Lee O. Smith and Lyon Forrest Hill. The film has been submitted to various film festivals, so look for screening information soon...

About the film: In this disturbing Lovecraftian fairytale, a man awakes naked and confused in a isolated mountainous region, and soon encounters a strange local who offers to help him. The helpful stranger tells the man of local folklore that speaks of a murderous religious cult, a train tunnel cut deep into the mountain that leads to nowhere, and an insect-like fertility god that is said to dwell within it. The two men soon go underground in search of the truth, and find themselves in a stygian black temple of horror...

Update: Dread Central managed to dig up a little more information on Dirt Dauber, so hit the link to check it out...

(Thanks to Steve Daniels and Dread Central)

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