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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

LNN interviews Joseph Nanni...

The great new blog site, The Lovecraft News Network, recently conducted an interview with talented filmmaker Josephi Nanni (Casting Call of Cthulhu, Elder Sign) in which he discusses both his start in filmmaking and Lovecraft. Several interesting bits of information are revealed in the interview including
news that an Elder Sign sequel will shoot at the end of August and that Joseph's first feature, Drawing Baphomet (read about it here), starts filming in September (look for the trailer in the next few weeks)...

"...I would just stare at the HPL covers trying to figure out what the hell I was looking at. But I didn't read any of it until I was 13. Two years later I saw Re-Animator and there was no turning back. I read everything I could and rented anything remotely Lovecraftian..."

- Joseph Nanni

Read all about it here...

(Thanks to Jacob Hodgen)

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