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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Quoth Cthulhu:

It's been a while since my last Quoth Cthulhu (and Pickman's Models) posts, so I thought I would throw some info out there for readers who may not know that Unfilmable was a full-blown website before it tranformed into the more streamlined blog format you read today...

Below you will find the very first news item to run on from July of 2002. Someday, when time permits, I'll write up a more involed and informative history of all things Unfilmable...

July 9: Lovecraft film SHUNNED HOUSE is coming

Italy's Ivan Zuccon, writer/director of the Lovecraft-inspired THE BEYOND and UNKNOWN BEYOND (the latter due on video this fall from Leo Films), has just wrapped his latest H.P. Lovecraft pastiche, THE SHUNNED HOUSE. "It's a combination of three Lovecraft short stories: 'The Shunned House,' 'The Music of Erich Zann' and 'Dreams in the Witch-House,' " Zuccon tells Fango. "The stories are set in the same place but in three different ages: the ' 20s, the '40s and today. The audience will be thrown back and forth in time following the action, which links the three stories together.

"Present and past lodgers, unaware of the dark secrets and the plot wrapped up around them, walk helplessly in the snare laid by who's-or what's-been living in the inn for centuries and made it a kingdom of blood and horror," Zuccon adds. The film is being shot in both English and Italian versions.

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