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Thursday, January 21, 2010

At the Mountains of del Toro...

The Wellington, New Zealand Dominion-Post newspaper spoke with Guillermo del Toro recently and the following is an excerpt from the January 20th edition as transcribed by forum member Mikeythorn. This is just a portion of a longer piece (not available online) that contains information on Lovecraft, the plot of At the Mountains of Madness and information on other Lovecraft film adaptations...

"[he estimates it will cost US$90 million to make the movie but]... he still has to convince Hollywood. "We are trying to do it, but it is a very expensive movie," says del Toro. "Its difficult to have a movie like that without Hollywood and it's almost impossible to have it done with Hollywood. It's a conundrum because it's a move that [would cost] about US$90 million, but US$90 million means they [Hollywood] don't understand a horrifyingly unhappy ending and the fact there's no love story. It's a purely cosmic horror where man is not the hero but just vermin created for the amusement of a larger species. There are so many ideas that are alien to [Hollywood], no pun intended."

Del Toro hasn't ruled out the possibility of even a small amount of filming actually taking place in Antarctica. Some of the events in Lovecraft's story take place at McMurdo Sound.

"I've always wanted to do that. It is still a possibility. One of the first things that came up with the studios was the liability and insurance issues of taking a formal giant crew to Antarctica. But what I learned technically on Hellboy and Blade allowed me to do Pan's Labyrinth. It is my belief that what I learned on Hellboy 2 and [will] on The Hobbit will allow me to go out and make At the Mountains of Madness, even if its not in Antarctica."


"I want to do it. If Peter [Jackson] had the Rings trilogy and James Cameron had Titanic - there are movies that you think are a mission to do. My mission in my life is to make At the Mountains of Madness if I can."

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(Thanks to Mikeythorn)


  1. That does it, I'm going to read "At the Mountains of Madness" tonight.

  2. Awesome. $90MIL on Lovecraft? I'd settle for 10! Go del Toro, go!!! We're rooting for ya.
    ~ Jeff

  3. I hope they don't wait too long to make this flick. I'm turning 41 tomorrow, and I'd like to see it before the youth of my old age starts, which, from what I have been hearing as of late, is 50. The novella is excellent, and if there was ever a director who could successfully pull of a true representation of Lovecraft in celluloid, it would have to be Del Toro, And, if there ever needs to be a runner-up, my pick goes to Peter Jackson.

  4. It's very exciting to see someone like Del Toro take such a passionate interest in Mountains of Madness. Hoping The Hobbit does give him the clout he needs to make all of our dreams come true.

  5. "............. the possibility of even a small amount of filming actually taking place in Antarctica. Some of the events in Lovecraft's story take place at McMurdo Sound."

    How about Alaska for a film location? AK might have everything DelToro is looking for for his movie.

    Just a thought......


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