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Monday, January 4, 2010

Rest in Peace Chas. Balun...

Chas. Balun passed away Friday, December 18th at the age of 61. A former Fangoria/Gorezone contributor, Chas., along with Dan O'Bannon, was one of the driving forces behind my love of horror, and his writings even influenced my creating

An accomplished artist and photographer, Chas. as a writer gave the horror community the Connoisseur's Guide to the Contemporary Horror Film, Gore Score, Horror Holocaust, Lucio Fulci: Beyond the Gates A Tribute To The Maestro, the
Deep Red fanzine, and so much more...

Rest in peace Chas, you will be missed...

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  1. Chas.Balun was also a huge influence on my interest in horror. His Deep Red Horror Handbook leaves my shelf about once a year when I get a nostalgia attack.

    Rest in peace!


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