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Monday, January 4, 2010

Last Battleground artwork revealed...

The Last Battleground, a Lovecraftian epic from filmmaker Sonny Fernandez, is coming to DVD and the official cover art can be seen below! The film stars Cody Tergesen, Justin Kavlie, Liz Dockter, Kim Haarman, Dan Sorenson, and Sam Ova...

The Last Battleground follows a bunch of seemingly unconnected characters: a pair of inept hitmen, an abused girl who relies on an invisible friend to get her through rough times, a young homeless woman, and an artist who's been noticing a change in the world around him. Their paths and others will intersect one faithful night because heaven and hell have had their ultimate showdown for control of the earth, and damned if hell didn't score the upset victory.

Where do you run when salvation no longer exists? Where do you hide when the ground is opening up and letting unholy creatures run wild? How do you survive in a world where the dead are coming back as Lovecraftian demons manipulated by their earthly sins?

DVD details are forthcoming, so watch this space for more...

(Thanks to Sonny Fernandez)

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