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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Filming begins on The Curse of Yig...

Tim Uren has provided with the latest in a series of weekly updates (w/ images) from the set of The Curse of Yig! Read on for more...

Our first weekend of filming is complete! It was three very cold days on location at the Little Log Cabin Pioneer Village in Hastings, MN. Once the sun went down temperatures were right around zero Fahrenheit. However, the Yig crew is a powerful and relentless creature that can withstand tremendous extremes of cold.

The first night we shot scenes involving just Amy Schweickhardt and myself. We could occasionally catch glimpses of the monitor to see the shots Paul (von Stoetzel, our fearless director) was getting and they looked gorgeous. After a long night of filming, we finished with a frenzied axe attack and went home for the evening.

The second night in the cabin we shot the Halloween party, which involved some dancin'! Conor Timmis was on set, playing Joe Compton, cutting a rug with Dawn Malicsi, who is playing Joe's wife Sally. Scott Keever was there playing fiddle as Lafayette Smith. (Scott will also be scoring the film for us.) It was again a very late night and again very cold. More power to Dawn who had to deliver a line commenting on the "unseasonable warmth."

Final day of shooting was actually during daylight hours, shooting the scenes of the day after the Halloween party. Our hair makeup people this weekend (Andrea Seidenkranz and Jamie Lecuyer) were fantastic and Andrea made a wonderful bloody mess of us Sunday.

With that, we've left our cabin and begin shooting in our asylum next weekend!

Conor Timmis also
reports that he has returned from Minnesota, his work on The Curse of Yig complete...

Check out the great images below, and when your done, visit the
official Facebook page for exclusive behind-the-scenes images...

Amy Schweickhardt as Audrey Davis

Walker reaches for a lamp

Amy on set

Tim Uren as Walker Davis

Walker startled in the night

Audrey watches Walker come home

(Thanks to Tim Uren and Conor Timmis)

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