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Saturday, February 6, 2010

News from the land of Yig...

Tim Uren has checked in with the first in a series of weekly updates regarding the upcoming film The Curse of Yig! Read on for more…

Paul and I have a completed screenplay we are both very happy with. Capturing the language of the original story was a very high priority for us and I think the film will definitely feel like classic Lovecraft even if the Oklahoma setting is a distinct departure from the small New England towns more commonly associated with him.

The screenplay has proven a great format for capturing the "stories within stories" element of the original text. In a very brief span of time, the script manages to generate a multi-layered narration, resonating back and forth between through-lines. We're obviously very excited to get started on filming.

In all other aspects of preproduction, we have been unbelievably lucky. The sets we have found to film on are phenomenal. We begin shooting cabin scenes on Friday the 12th, with asylum scenes the week after that.

So for the moment, the real update is we're ready to go and feeling good. More stories next week, once the cameras start to roll.

(Thanks to Tim Uren and Paul von Stoetzel)

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