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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Set report: The Curse of Yig...

Tim Uren has checked in with the latest Yig news complete with images from the production! Read on for more...

This weekend's filming jumped forty years into the future and was considerably warmer. With help from our make up folks (Andrea again, this time with Sarah Mittlstaedt) and the costuming genius Deb Murphy, Amy and I were made to look like entirely different characters. For the 1920's portion of the story, Amy is playing our narrator (we call her Zealia...) and I'm playing Dr. McNeill.

We were filming inside the Saint Paul Episcopal Church and, as fate would have it, the room we were using for Dr. McNeill's office already had photos of 1920's Oklahoma on the wall. How much more accommodating can a location get? Cheri Anderson, who has been providing for our art direction needs, put a lot of fun details into McNeill's desk. (See the image below for an example...)

Sunday we shoot the scenes in cell B116, and then we take a break before shooting our exteriors, some time in the spring. More soon!

Dawn Malicsi as Sally Compton

Tim Uren as Dr. McNeill

Dr. McNeill reviews Zealia's research

Zealia waits in the lobby of the asylum

Amy Schweickhardt as Zealia

Dr. McNeill tells the story of the curse

Zealia in the reception room

Zealia in the sun room. Bethany Ford as the nurse

Details of Dr. McNeill's desk

(Thanks to Tim Uren)

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