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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Aklonomicon, words laid down by tentacles...

Ra! & the exhumed angels of Anubis! & the fablewing warriors mated with investigations of heiro-tongue to swamp enigma! Dance –DANCE –SING! !!

– virtuoso madalas gift the mind – occult maps and pendulums of line & tExt, color and))))))))))) )> >)sparks of dArk skYy – feral worlds of strang~e calirty, oblique seizures real as your LIFE in the sharp sun-jaws of husk-petal mAdneSSssssssssssssssssssS
...Hark, the conductors of the PIT, griots blissed on MOoN&tomb, come down ~~ ~down from ANKAA & Tarazed & the spirit world, to translate omens of the staRRy wisdOm
Word & ART & the fragments of a certain madneSS
AKLONOMICON ,,,tome... & tomb >>>>>>>>>...>

AKLO Press is a new publishing company currently comprised of Ivan McCann and Joe Pulver, with artwork and web design by JD Busch! Their first release, the Aklonomicon, already has an impressive list of contributors (both writers and artists) including; Laird Barron, Robin Spriggs, Dave Carson, Tara Vanflower, Mike Dubisch, Nick Gucker, Ted E. Grau, Andrea Bonazzi and Joe Pulver...

Look for more soon...

(Thanks to Ivan McCann and Joe Pulver)


  1. Thank ye for the mention, Craig! Somehow, I KNEW you'd be the first to break the news to the outside world.


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