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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Review: "Re-Animator: The Musical"'s review of "Re-Animator: The Musical":

"- Unquestionably, Re-Animator: The Musical is a mix of burlesque and vaudeville for the horror sect. Stuart Gordon’s 1985 cinematic adaptation of Lovecraft’s tale was a blend of gory black-comedy that became a cult classic due to the unparalleled blend of comedy, gore, and a brilliant performance by Jeffrey Combs as Herbert Wet. The stage production ramps up the camp, utilizes some creative stage effects, bathes the audience in gore, and unearths the theatrical equivalent of Jeffrey Combs in actor Graham Skipper.
Gore in the theater is part of theatrical history and most notably part of the fundamental blood letting offered by the plays of the Grand Guignol. As you watch Re-Animator: The Musical you can’t help think of those plays and the more contemporary productions like “Sweeney Todd,” “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” “Little Shop of Horrors,” “Slasher: The Horror Rock Musical,” “Evil Dead: The Musical,” or the recent restaging of “Carrie: The Musical.” "Slasher" and "Evil Dead" took the gore to the audience so beware as the first several rows closest to the stage in Re-Animator: The Musical are considered the “splash zone.” Not only are the seats and floor covered in plastic put audiences members sitting in those rows are offered plastic slickers. They are highly recommended as the production offers no intermission so that the audience is besieged by a vast array of ghastly fluids as the volumes mount towards the bloody climax."
You can read the complete review here.

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