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Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Music of H.P. Lovecraft...

A quick look at the Encyclopaedia Metallum reveals that 170 bands list H.P. Lovecraft as a source of inspiration for their lyrical themes. While that count isn't as lofty as the number of writers and filmmakers who have used HPL as a springboard, it does go to show how widespread his popularity has grown globally. Bands like Chaotic Aeon (China), Mekong Delta (Germany), Deathspawn Voidbringer (Sweden), and Black Temple Below (Italy) all list Lovecraft as an influence. A book, "The Strange Sound of Cthulhu: Music Inspired by the Writings of Lovecraft" by Gary Hill, has even been written on the subject... 

Every few days, I'm going to post a song/video (with lyrics if possible) to show just what HPL's eldritch influence has wrought... 

My first selection is De Vermis Mysteriis by High on Fire (w/ lyrics)...

De Vermis Mysteriis, awkward and curious, anoesis has opened its face 
Kathulos, conjurer, tests of pain, Hasturers, pupils of black show their faith 

Wizards, Hypoborea, craft of Khem, torn of the acriment write of their place 
Winds of Zaar, origin traced, blue of skin, nuclear phase takes a race lost in time 

Lance of kings, string of hate, obsessed upon morals and taint that obeys winds and kinds 
Perpetrate, land affixed, Acheron escaping the scrolls and a fate of their shrine 

Long live traveler 
Winds now die 
Dark place creature 
Destined night


  1. I'm mentioned on page 221 of "The Strange Sound of Cthulhu"; my music is electronic, not metal, but it's definitely inspired by Lovecraft. Hill writes of me as if I was impossible to find, but as you can see, such is not the case.

  2. Thanks for commenting on my post! Where might I find your music? I'd be happy to post some of it in my next "Lovecraft music" update!


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