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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Updated: Alien remake rumored...

Ridley Scott's Alien, a film that screams cosmic horror, is rumored to be the next big film being considered by the Hollywood remake machine...

If true, Ridley Scott, Michael Costigan and Tony Scott will produce with commercial/music video director Carl Rinsch at the helm. Updates, courtesy of, also state that 20th Century Fox are considering an origins story (aka prequel), as opposed to a remake...

Update: Tony Scott has confirmed that work is indeed underway on an Alien prequel and that Carl Rinsch will direct for 20th Century Fox...

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  1. My stomach turns just at the thought of this.

  2. You're not alone, Robert. Mine too. Ugh! Will the Reboot/Remake Machine die already?

  3. Excellent blog, enjoyed viewing it today. Have a great weekend


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