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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pickman's Models: Lovecraft tech...

Time for another Pickman's Models, and this time I've chosen a little Lovecraft tech in the form of From Beyond's resonator. In the story, the resonator was a device built by Crawford Tillinghast that stimulates a person's pineal gland through resonance waves, allowing them to see planes of existence outside the scope of accepted reality. Below you will find three examples of the resonator as it has appeared in Lovecraft cinema...

From Beyond (1986) by Stuart Gordon

From Beyond (1999) by Bob Fugger

From Beyond (2006) by Michael Granberry

Please note: The resonator also appeared in Ken Avenoso and Andrew Migliore's
From Beyond (1997) and Från Andra Sidan (From Beyond, 1999) by Magnus Sorell, Peter Andersson and Robert Lindberg, but I was unable to find images for either...

(Thanks to Stuart Gordon, Bob Fugger and Michael Granberry)

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