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Monday, May 25, 2009

Quoth Cthulhu: Dead Birds...

This weeks
Quoth Cthulhu consists of two of the more Lovecraftian lines from Simon Barrett's Dead Birds script. Neither of these lines appear in Alex Turner's film as written...

The Old Ones, I said. Most think of them as spirits. They can walk between worlds, and time is different for them. When they appear in our world, they mostly show themselves as animals, unless they are given greater power. Because they walk between worlds, their physical power is limited in each one. They should not be given mortal power, the power to change us, unless they can be controlled.

- Sam (played by Patrick Fugit)

There are things that exist alongside us, things that were once like us but just kept going, who live not in the places we know but in the spaces between them. Do you think it matters how big they are?

- Todd (played by Isaiah Washington)

(Thanks to Patrick Fugit and Isaiah Washington)

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