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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Four Colors Out of Space

Greetings, lurkers! My name is Mike Boas, and Craig has asked if I could help contribute to the awe-inspiring Unfilmable while he relocates to some far off netherworld... I think he called it Oklahoma. As a long time lover of Lovecraft, I'm happy to do so. And now on with my first story...

Last week was Boris Karloff's birthday (I hope you celebrated) and many horror blogs honored the iconic actor by digging deep for weird photos and stories to post.

Two such posts that may be of interest to the HPL crowd are courtesy of Cinebeats and The Groovy Age of Horror.

Cinebeats has a brief review of "Die, Monster, Die!" -- which we all know as the slightly-less-than-literal adaptation of "The Colour out of Space." But the icing on the cake is posted over at Groovy Age... scanned images from the Dell comic book adaptation of the movie adaptation. Who knew a wheelchair-bound Karloff could look so vibrant in four colors?

Some readers have guessed that the comic artist might be John Tartaglione. If you know different, let them know!

See 11 pages of cosmic horror here.

Read Cinebeats' review here.

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