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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lovecraft Paragraphs soundtrack now available

If you're like me and missed the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival this year (*sniff*) you may be interested to read first-time filmmaker Reber Clark's impressions of the event. The Lovecraft News Network has posted his thoughts on the festival, where he premiered his short film, "Lovecraft Paragraphs."

The film earned warm praise from the likes of S.T. Joshi and others, but it apparently provoked the opposite reaction in some. Festival director Andrew Migliore called it "...the most controversial film at the festival this year."

"Lovecraft Paragraphs" presents selected paragraphs from Lovecraft's work using effects, animation and electronic voices.

If you'd like to experience the film in audio form, Clark has released the soundtrack as an MP3 album through Amazon. $8.99 gets you two versions of the music -- with and without the narration.

The album is for sale here.

LCN's interview with Clark is here.

For more about "Lovecraft Paragraphs" visit

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  1. Lovecraft Paragraphs was good and would have been great if it would have been half the length, as it wore out its welcome at about that time (as the reaction from many in the audience suggested).


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