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Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Cthulhu Key: Legacy...

For Immediate Release:

The Cthulhu Key: Legacy

The debut horror film from Jason Heath and Primal Fx Studios, is in pre-production with a scheduled Fall 2010 release.

Horror film favorite Bianca Barnett stars as Kharma Jones, a woman on the brink of losing her soul, must make a terrifying choice when Alix Lakehurst, the High Priestess of an inhuman cult, threatens to unlock a doorway that will unleash an ancient evil.

The Cthulhu Key
: Legacy brings Barnett and Lakehurst together in a dark and chilling film inspired by the works of H.P Lovecraft.

The film is also unique in that social media giant Facebook was used to assemble the fantastic cast and crew so quickly.

Musician and composer JK Swopes from brings a dark urban style to the soundtrack score, while Oakree from Propnomicon delivers amazing Cthulhu Mythos art and props.

Promotional and concept art for the film are now available at the film's website

(Thanks to Jason Heath)

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