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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Thing prequel underway...

Matthijs Van Heijningen's prequel to The Thing is a week into its
Toronto shoot
, and caught up with lead actor Joel Edgerton, who discussed how much the film ties into the Carpenter classic. Check out some of what he had to say below, and head over to Shock for more...

"Well, it's a prequel and definitely the Norwegian base is modeled on the base you see in the Carpenter film," he told the site, "Being a prequel you'll see a lot of tie-ins as to how the base comes to be the way it is in the Carpenter film, being so destroyed, and that evidence you see in the Carpenter film, We'll get a glimpse into that. It's great because you have a bunch of people behind making it—Eric Newman and Marc (Abraham), the producers at Strike (Entertainment), those guys and Matthijs the director, they have such respect for the original film that they're not trying to do a remake, they're just trying to pay homage to the original and also do the right thing with what I think is a real cool way in to doing that, and revisiting the material."

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