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Friday, August 20, 2010

One man's descent into madness...

Actor Michael Sabbaton has created and performs in an all new one-man show based on one of Lovecraft's most popular stories, The Call of Cthulhu! Part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the show runs through August 30th (except the 24th) at the Hill Street Theatre...

"On reading Lovecraft's story, I felt that the true terror of the piece was in the grand element of the unknown. From under the sea, from the furthest reaches of the universe and from deep inside the human mind."

- Michael Sabbaton

About the show: True terror resides in the slumbering mind. Fear, obsession, madness, paranoia. At night, in dreams, darkness stirs and an ancient horror awakes from the watery depths. When a professor of linguistic antiquity is visited one night by a troubled, young artist, a mystery of colossal fear is slowly unleashed. Bearing a strange, clay tablet of bas relief still wet from its fevered creation, the artist tells of his nightmared vision of a gargantuan, sunken metropolis and the sleeping, malevolent horror lurking within.

Based on HP Lovecraft's classic tale of untold terror, 'Cthulhu' is a fearful 'Pandora's box' of the mind. Weaving the tale through these complex recesses of human fear and sanity, actor Michael Sabbaton creates a character-driven world of compelling action.

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