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Sunday, August 22, 2010

The pension Esmodine...

Amateur filmmakers CMP, comprised of writer Corentin Mea and director Aymeric Pelzer, have released the first episode of their Lovecraftian web series La pension Esmodine, and you can check it out below! Shot in High Definition, there will be seven episodes in all, lasting around six minutes each...

The final six episodes will be released semi-regularly with a DVD release possible in 2011. The official CMP site has cast and crew info and more (in French)...

Two teasers have also been released, hinting at things to come...

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  1. (first, I apologize for my bad english)

    Thanks for the link :)

    I don't know if our web series will be comprehensible for a non-french speaker, but I'm thinking about adding subtitles when i'll have time.

    In a couple of weeks, episode 2 ; stay tuned ;)


  2. Thanks for the update Aymeric! I look forward to episode 2!


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