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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pickman's Models: Deep One rising...

 The latest Pickman's Models image is from a local production (information is forthcoming) from Tulsa, Oklahoma based Special Effects Make-Up Artist John Stirling (Stirling FX). John was assisted on the project by another local artist, Candace Fausset...

John is currently working on effects for Evil Dead the Musical Oklahoma, which debuts October 2nd...

(Thanks to John Stirling)


  1. which film is this picture taken?

  2. Cesare,

    This image was from a pilot being shot by by some local (Oklahoma) filmmakers. I'll see if I can get further information, and post it on Unfilmable...


  3. Thank you very much, am passionate about makeup fx. It seems to me a good job of makeup, I'm curious to see the movie.


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