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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Albert Pyun's Cool Air...

Albert Pyun's Cool Air (2006), a film I had almost forgotten about, is very much alive according to the website for his 2008 feature Road to Hell. The Filmwerks Inc. production, fully titled H.P. Lovecraft's Cool Air, is reportedly scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2009, but since that time has already passed, we'll have to wait and see...

The film, written by Cynthia Curnan, stars Morgan Weisser, Crystal Laws Green, Jenny Dare Paulin and Norbert Weisser
and revolves around a struggling screenwriter in search of accommodations, who takes a room in a isolated Malibu mansion and learns of the mysterious doctor, who dabbles in strange experiments, that resides in the room above his own...

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  1. Like anyone should trust Albert Pyun. Look what he did to Guam with his MAX HAVOC scam film

  2. it's sure to be a pile of shit if Albert Pyun is involved

  3. I disagree; Albert Pyun's films in which he actually has a degree of control over are decent and well built. A few examples are Mean Guns, Invasion, Nemesis, Left for dead, Bulletface, and Road to hell, not to mention his strange oddness known as Deceit.

  4. Those movies suck. If you are giving "Invasion" as an example of Pyun's awesome ability as a film maker, you're delusional.

    But let's look at the film in question. Where is Cool Air? Pyun claimed it had been completed years ago. It's been for sale at film markets.

    Well, we can't see it, because no one wants to buy it to release it, because, well, it's a pile of shit

  5. I attended a small test screening in Seattle for the film last November. It was still unfinished and had some missing shots. The movie was unsettling and anxiety provoking. It is a mostly literal telling of HP's short story but reset in in the present world. The film really captured the dislocation in the boarding house and was emotionally powerful. More than you'd expect. My negative is I found it almost too unbearably unsettling and heavy going at times.

    After there was a Q&A where Pyun indicated he was continuing to tweak the film and wanted to get it right. The most impressive part, not wholly successful yet, was his use of interlaced video. He had taken apart the two fields and replaced one with an alternate film.

    It gave the film a slight, but weird pulsing look. what we found out after was what he called the "B" field was playing a separate film to the viewer's subconscious while the "A" field was playing the movie we recall as seeing. Outthere, creep shit for sure. He would say what the B field movie was but that he was still refining it. He wouldn't say what he's ultimately hoping the end result will be once he perfected the concept. But I can tell you everyone felt a little weird after. I did but maybe it was just my imagination.

    The sound was really great. Music was cool too. Not many special effects but what was there worked okay. Actors were all good but I don't think they're well known. Can't wait to see it finished but from what he said I don't get the feeling we'll see it soon.

  6. Pyun's films continue to sell and make money weather you like them and him or not there is a market. And that market continues. With sales like 39.1 million, 2.39 million, 10.2 million 1.3 million he is be doing something right. I look forward to Tales of an Ancient Empire and anything else he does!

  7. Keep up with Tales of An Ancient Empire and all of the latest Albert Pyun news on Twitter at:

  8. Absolutely, Albert Pyun is underrated as he does not approach direting or characters as most do.

    He has stated on numerous occasions that he envisions films for a 14-16 year old, the period of time in which he truly began to enjoy films.

  9. I'd bet $1000 against $10 that one or more of these posts were made by Albert. He cruises all of these websites and googles his films relentlessly. Do some reverse DNS look-ups on the IP addresses on the posts here against the wikipedia article on Albert Pyun and you'll find matches.

  10. lol. i believe it. Albert Pyun has no shame. Let's hope that the Government of Guam sues his ass off for fraud. They're already suing the MAX HAVOC producer, John Laing, for fraud. Let's hoe they drag Pyun's fat ass into court.

  11. Biographstreet is that you lol

  12. It has been brought to my attention that article purporting to be about me exists on your site. Beyond the fact that it has erroneous and libelous information that is unverified and slanted by those who have hijacked the page. The page is controlled by those from Guam or live in Guam in an attempt to smear me because they are trying to discredit my upcoming testimony on Guam that will lead to criminal charges of these individuals . I will be asking my attorney to look into your site to seek damages incurring to my reputation by the posting of libel and slander.

    best, Albert Pyun


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