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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Creature concepts from the Black Lagoon... received an exclusive look at some FX concepts from the on-again, off-again Creature from the Black Lagoon remake from FX artist Vincent Guastini today. While it's unknown whether or not the film will even happen, it does give some indication of what direction the remake was going in...

"At this moment, I have some idea which direction they're going in, but as of now, it's still ongoing and we'll have to see what the outcome of this will be. These are my ideas that are both traditional and freshened up, without destroying the classic original."

- Vincent Guastini

Hit the link above for a look at Guastini's gill-man...

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  1. Does anyone remember back about twenty years ago when there was talk of John Carpenter doing this remake.

  2. I'm not too impressed with the designs.


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