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Sunday, July 19, 2009 poll: will madness reign...

The poll, Best performance in a Lovecraft film?, is over and our next poll, Will Guillermo del Toro's At the Mountains of Madness be the definitive Lovecraft adaptation?, is now online. Results will be available August 2nd...

Results for the "best performance" poll are as follows:

2 votes: Jeffrey Combs as Herbert West (Re-Animator, 1985)
0 votes: Mark Kinsey Stephenson as Randolph Carter (The Unnamable, 1988)
0 votes: Chris Sarandon as Charles Dexter Ward/Joseph Curwen (The Resurrected, 1992)
2 votes: Christopher Heyerdahl as H. P. Lovecraft (Out of Mind, 1998)
1 vote: Jack Donner as Doctor Muñoz (Cool Air, 1999)
0 votes: Ezra Godden as Paul Marsh (Dagon, 2001)
1 vote: Eryl Lloyd Parry as Professor Northam (The Book, 2008)
0 votes: other

Thanks for voting...

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