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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The rise of the Yithians... has learned that Swedish filmmaker/stop-motion animator Richard Svensson is hard at work on an untitled "Yithian Stop-Motion Project" inspired by one of Lovecraft's greatest stories, The Shadow out of Time. According to the filmmaker, the film will focus on the history of the Yithians and their war and subsequent destruction by the flying polyps...

No stranger to Lovecraft, Richard has already completed two films inspired by the works of HPL, Eye of Evil and Concerning Brown Jenkin
(an adaptation of a portion of the text from The Dreams in the Witch House), and has several examples of his Lovecraftian artwork exhibited on his Elfwood gallery. You can find more of his stop-motion and live action films, including Jabberwocky and Goblin Wood, on his Lone Animator YouTube page...

Richard has already designed and created one of the Yithian's (see image below) and is currently working on the flying polyps. "It's taking quite a while to animate the Yithians (tendrils and all) but they look very weird moving about and I hope people will find the sight interesting," Richard tells, "Lovecraft's "Gods" are certainly a challenge for any puppet maker, but one that I relish. They do make for something extraordinary to watch, if you manage to pull them off."

For more examples of Richard's amazing work (including a "Dagon monster mask"), visit and

(Thanks to Richard Svensson)

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