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Thursday, November 18, 2010

More Mother of Toads images, news... has been covering The Theatre Bizarre and Richard Stanley’s The Mother of Toads since the beginning and their latest post on the subject is an interview with ToadsThe Accident, as well as his own titled, Vision Stains. As mentioned in our exclusive interview with director Richard Stanley, The Mother of Toads stars The Beyond's Catriona MacColl in the title role, along with Victoria Maurett and Shane Woodward... cinematographer Karim Hussain! Karim seems to be a busy man as he will DP on Douglas Buck's segment

"Visually, 'Mother of Toads' is rich in the Italian horror tradition—as well as the Richard Stanley tradition, of course, with bold colors, stylistic images and strange, dreamy vibes," Hussain tells the site. "It has a strangely Lovecraftian slant as well, but its soul is firmly rooted in Occitan folklore and Cathar magic."

Click here for more, including an exclusive image not included in our recent interview...

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  1. WHOA!! Hold the front page there, is this the Clark Ashton Smith 'Mother Of Toads'?!?!?!

  2. One and the same! Check out my interview with Richard Stanley for more about the film!

  3. I did. Nice interview. I know Richard a little via mutual friends, and he's a splendid chap. Making a CAS film makes him just that li'l bit MORE splendid!


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