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Friday, August 12, 2011

Here is Born the Doom of All Mankind...

For Immediate Release:

Here is Born the Doom of All Mankind

From the 25th of October until the 6th of November Ororo Productions will produce H. P. Lovecraft's The Dunwich Horror at the inaugural London Horror Festival.

In a lonely and curious part of the country - near a small, fetid village whose annals reek of overt viciousness, incests, and deeds of almost unnameable perversity - on a drear and remote mountain top, too rounded and symmetrical to give a sense of comfort and naturalness - a bitter old wizard sets about performing the twisted rites and horrific rituals that will bring about the doom of all mankind.

Populated by cast of wonderfully twisted characters, strange monsters and the eerily ever-present whippoorwills, The Dunwich Horror is considered one of Lovecraft's greatest tales. A brooding sense of something out of place, that builds to a terrific climax. The author himself considered the story " fiendish that [Weird Tales] editor Farnsworth Wright may not dare to print it."

The London Horror Festival is set to be a fantastic (in every sense of the word) event, with a strong presence within the London Theatre scene. The Dunwich Horror will be one of the primary events at the festival. Born from a script that started out as a one man reading, edited mainly to fit into a two hour time-slot, the show has added characters and theatrical elements. However, the script still remains very faithful to the original story.

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(Thanks to Dave Dawkins)

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