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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Stop-motion Lovecraft speaks of madness...

Stop-Motion animation has been a part of some amazing Lovecraftian films, Die Musik des Erich Zann (by Anna Gawrilow), Frank DanCoolo: Paranormal Drug Dealer (by Andrew W. Jones) and From Beyond (by Michael Granberry) being prime examples, and the technique seems perfectly suited for creating Lovecraft's unimaginable monstrosities on film, so imagine our excitement when we got word of a new stop-motion film based on one of Lovecraft's earliest tales, Dagon

Currently in early pre-production from filmmaker Neil Baker, the film is being approached from a most interesting angle, as it will be narrated by H.P. Lovecraft himself as he writes the story from his office. According to Neil, the very minimal set and furniture will be used, along with shadows, to tell the story. He is also considering using a green screen 'mask' on the puppet's head that he would composite images onto to convey Lovecraft's state of mind. As I mentioned, this is in the early planning stages, so expect much more as the project moves forward...

(Thanks to Neil Baker)

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