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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Joe Pulver's new novel, The Orphan Palace, is coming from Chomu Press on OCT 19th.

Cardigan is heading east through the night-bleak cities of America. His destination? Zimms County Home for Orphaned Children, the palace of dementia where Dr. Archer, ‘Lord of Chaos’, evilly presides, and a deadly trap baited with memories. Fires blaze in Cardigan’s rear-view mirror. On the road he travels: ghosts, bounty hunters, mermen, Ghoul Hotels. Will D’if, the talking rat, help Cardigan escape this maze, or do all roads lead to madness?

After two acclaimed collections (Blood Will Have Its Season and SIN & ashes) praised by the likes of Ellen Datlow and renowned Lovecraft scholar S.T. Joshi, Joe Pulver returns to the long form for a novel that consolidates and extends his vision. The Orphan Palace is not only a significant addition to the road trip genre by way of supernatural horror, it is, itself, a novel on the road to something strange and new, in parallel to our contemporary anxiety about our unknown destination. An unerring evocation of a psychotic American society whose cinematic glamour has taken on the threatening colours of a schizophrenic vision, it is a novel of genuine risks in which genres appear to mutate before our eyes.


  1. Right side of the video is chopped-off in my browser (Chrome) as if the video is widescreen, but just showing 4:30 aspect portion. (Quotes are cut-off.)

  2. Thanks, Craig! !! Glad one of us knows some TECH trickssssS :)


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