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Thursday, August 18, 2011

We're giving away copies of Joe Pulver's The Orphan Palace

Over at She Never Slept we have 3 copies of my new novel, The Orphan Palace, [coming OCT 19th from Chomu Press] to giveaway. Each copy will be signed with the winner's name [not in blood, but I do have a RED pen], and there will be extras in each copy, maybe yours has an unpublished, handwritten poem, or an illo by Pulver [who cannot draw, so you get to laugh and tell all your friends it's a damn good thing he writes 'cause he sure as hell can't draw! !!]. Who knows what goodies will be in "your" copy. And there will be a Grand Prize winner too. Go to She Never Slept to find out how to win the Grand Prize copy and the little "something" that goes w/ it! !!

You do not have to live in the US to win! !!

Here's the link and the details:

Info for The Orphan Palace can be found here:

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