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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Orphan Palace.............. .your room is ready

Chomu Press has released my new novel THE ORPHAN PALACE.
And what is it you ask?

It is
NOT Sugar & Spice & everYthing nice . . .
Here is a ‘Route 66′ synopsis in exactly 66 words:
“Cardigan heads east through the night-bleak cities of America. His destination? Zimms County Home for Orphaned Children, the palace of dementia where Dr. Archer, ‘Lord of Chaos’, evilly presides – a trap baited with memories. Fires blaze in the rear-view mirror. On the roadside, ghosts, bounty hunters, mermen, Ghoul Hotels. Will D’if, the talking rat, help Cardigan escape this maze, or do all roads lead to madness?”

And here are the blurbs of two highly-respected weird fiction authors:

“Joe Pulver is like the answer to some arcane riddle: What do you get when you cross one of Plato’s Muse-maddened poets with a Lovecraftian lunatic, and then give their offspring to be raised by Raymond Chandler and a band of Beats? His work caters to a literary hunger you didn’t even know you had, and does it darkly and deliciously.” - Matt Cardin
The Orphan Palace kicks you in the face and doesn’t stop. Pulver’s prose sees the world through a cracked lense of 60’s hedonism and 70’s grit, with a side order of unshakable terror. A serial killer novel that explores the dark side of America via Kerouac in a shell of cosmic horror. What he does is electrifying. I’ve never seen anything like it. My hair is still standing on end.” - Simon Strantzas
And you can sign up [until NOV 2] to enter the "Prize Draw for uniquely inscribed copy of The Orphan Palace". Where?

And what do you get?
                                        The CP “contest ed” will contain –
          postcard(s) [with a note~.S.~] from Carcosa East

                                                                              signed & dated{RIP}
an unpublished poem/tExt;;;; or 2 . ?. ?.

                                  a “few” special annotationS sprinkled here & there . . {in REDink? ??}.

a drawing of a RAT [this is good for a laugh as P’ull-yverre can’t draw! !!]

                                                                                         an illo of a bEastie [see above]
a TOP bookmark [one of only 25 made]
                                          a "selections" from the TOP "SOUNDTRACK" CD -- I'll BURN~ ~~ it just for you! !! [Yes, there's a soundtrack for TOP~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Did you have anY d;o..u\b/t? ??]

[& maybe some stickers?/rubber stampings??/
. . . .................. and only CTHULHU knows what the hell else? ??]


I hope you read it/like it/share it/tell Ma/tell Pa/.............. I hope it bothers you! !!

See you in Carcosa............... .~ ~~~~~~~~ ~ ~.~..
                                                    yer bEastie

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