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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

You Are My Everything by Edward Lee, review by Steve Hergina

This novella was supposed to be another H.P. Lovecraft short, but I found it to be another Ed Lee "hardcore" story instead. The only resemblance to Lovecraft is that the main character is a writer. It's all about a husband and wife living in the backwoods, and her finding him cheating on her, so in turn she kills him. I'll spare you the details of a "header", because if you’re not sure what it is, really don't want to know. She then meets a writer while in town searching for a tape recorder, because she wants to record a Lovecraftian chant to bring about "things". But other than that, it's a gory, sex filled, short 71 pages, not a story for most Lovecraft fans. Enjoyable to me, but I've been told I'm not normal either, so be forewarned, not for the squeamish.

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