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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Uncle Kitties Catalog of Goodies

Hello everyone, long time no see.

Comic fans will be interested to note that Boom! Studios is re releasing their sold out Cthulhu Tales in an omnibus edition for those of you who missed it before, as well as offering The Calling: Cthulhu Chronicles. For Mignola fans there's also a redesigned Jenny Finn: Doom Messiah.

IDW Publishing also has Locke and Key: Welcome to Lovecraft available as a special edition collection (along with tons of Godzilla related stuff for those of you whose tastes also cross over into Kaiju territory).

Avatar Press is releasing Alan Moore's Neonomicon as a trade paperback.

Fiction readers have a choice of publishers of Lovecraft's original stories to choose from. Orion Publishing will be releasing his stories, poetry, non-fiction, and some revised tales in two volumes, the Necronomicon and Eldritch Tales. Penguin Publishing will be re-releasing S.T. Joshi's The Call of Cthulhu and Other Weird Stories. For those wanting Lovecraftian fiction not written by the man himself, Nightshade Publishing will soon be releasing The Book of Cthulhu.

For gaming enthusiasts Atlas Games is releasing a Cthulhu inspired version of the Gloom card game that is compatible with the original game. Steve Jackson Games is releasing Munchkin Cthulhu: Crypts of Concealment, boxes for holding all your cards from the various expansions (plus a pair of cards they can't get elsewhere). They'll also eventually be releasing Munchkin Zombies 2: Armed and Dangerous.

With luck I'll have some nice book or movie updates soon.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Check into Arkham Sanitarium...

Andrew Morgan's promising Lovecraft anthology Arkham Sanitarium, featuring adaptations of The Haunter of the Dark, The Shunned House and The Thing on the Doorstep, has completed principal photography, but needs your help to open its doors! An IndieGoGo campaign has begun to help fund post-production, including money for audio/visual work (foley, sound-mixing and digital visual effects) and the score (from our favorite composer, Mars Homeworld!). An additional 3-4 days of filming are also planned...

Check out Andrew Morgan's interview with Twitch here, or help support his efforts here...

(Thanks to Andrew Morgan)

Lost Land found...

For Immediate Release:

More than 2 years in the making, Lost Land was confronted with obstacle after seemingly endless obstacle. Technical failures, logistic nightmares, footage loss across continents and even the death of the films musical composer mark the history of this short films production, shot in the summer of 2009. Now, after nearly two years of salvage and re-edits, Lost Land has been completed and mastered for screening and festival circulation.

Lost Land follows, Carter, a bewildered asylum patient in the 1930's, who seeks the source of a mysterious call from his distant, long buried past. As Carter digs deeper and deeper, however, he discovers that some memories are best left buried.

Inspired by the work of H.P. Lovecraft and Algernon Blackwood comes this tale of lost souls, eldritch powers and the madness of horrors long forgotten.

(c) 2011, Laputka films. All Rights Reserved.

(Thanks to Woodruff Laputka)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Langliena - una storia macabra...

Emiliano Ranzani's Langliena (una storia macabra), one of our favorite Lovecraft haunted short films, is now available online, after a lengthy, award winning festival tour...

Check it out below...

(Thanks to Emiliano Ranzani)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Annotated trailer revealed...

For Immediate Release:


A rare book dealer receives a strange book with a small note that reads only, "The world must know." As he attempts to decipher the contents, he finds himself faced with deeper and darker levels of occult knowledge that chips at his sanity.

"Annotated", a short film of Lovecraftian horror adapted from an original story, is the first film by a dedicated collection of first-time film makers. Calling themselves "the TerrorScribe Mafia," the group is made up of writer/director Joe Lopez, cinematographer Keith Bates, makeup effects artist Tammy Dupal and producer Stacia Langenheder.

"Annotated" is also an official selection of the 2011 Unnameable Blood Bath Film Festival which will be held August 20th at the historic Texas Theater in Dallas, Texas.

Check out the trailer below, or watch it on Vimeo...

(Thanks to Joe Lopez)

The HPLFF returns to Portland...

Brian Callahan recently announced that the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival is returning to Portland, Oregon for a "smaller and quieter...stripped down, back to basics affair" at the historic Hollywood Theatre, Sep 30 - Oct 1...

Check out the teaser art promo flyer below, and make sure you watch this space for more...

(Thanks to Brian Callahan)

H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival Los Angeles update...

For Immediate Release:

The 2011 H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival®
Located at the classic art deco Warner Grand Theater in San Pedro, California
7 p.m. to midnight, Friday, September 16
4 p.m. to midnight, Saturday, September 17
Full passes and single night passes available (tickets can be purchased here).

Special VIP Guest: Legendary film icon Roger Corman will be accepting the "Howie" award for contributions to Lovecraft cinema this year. H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival founder Andrew Migliore will host the opening and closing ceremonies, and present the Howie to Roger Corman.

Friday night = classic gothic horror movies in the Lovecraft tradition

Beginning with a haunting adaptation of one of M.R. James' best works, Whistle and I'll Come to You.

The Haunted Palace (1963) - directed by Roger Corman, starring Vincent Price - the first Lovecraft adaptation on the silver screen, based on "The Case of Charles Dexter Ward". Q&A with film legend Roger Corman to follow.

Concluding with a very rare DVD screening of Berkeley Square (1933), which HPL watched four times and inspired him to write one of his best stories, "The Shadow Out of Time".

Friday night movies will be terrifying without nudity, sex, language or violence - PG ratings

Saturday night = retrospective and the newest Lovecraft movies from around the world

Opening with the 20th anniversary of Cast a Deadly Spell, a fun original HBO movie. Taking place in neo-noir Los Angeles, everyone has access to magic spells except Harry Philip Lovecraft (Fred Ward), who is hired to investigate a missing mysterious book. Screenwriter Joseph Dougherty will be on hand for Q&A after the screening.

See the latest and greatest short subject films from independent filmmakers. The winner will be chosen by Guillermo del Toro!

La Sombra Prohibida (The Forbidden Shadow) (2010, in Spanish with English subtitles) - From MCA/Universal Pictures International (Spain), this is the second part of the "The Valdemar Legacy", directed by José Luis Alemán, this is an action piece with cameos by Lovecraft and one of his greatest creations, the Great Cthulhu!

We close the 2011 festival with a special Southern California screening of The Whisperer in Darkness, the first feature from the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society, makers of the iconic adaptation of The Call of Cthulhu.

2011 marks the 80th anniversary of the Warner Grand Theater, as well as the 80th anniversary of the publication of "The Whisperer in Darkness" by H.P. Lovecraft in Weird Tales magazine. To celebrate, the HPLHS is planning many special promotions and events at this festival, including an exhibit of their props, miniatures, set pieces, costumes, etc., along with cast and crew Q&A. Experience the new movie based on an 80-year-old story inside an 80-year-old theater!

Lovecraft authors Cody Goodfellow, Jenna Pitman and Michael Shea and screenwriter/movie maker C. Courtney Joyner will participate in a reading and literary discussion on Saturday afternoon before the movies (other author guests TBD).

We are honored to have Oscar-nominated director Guillermo del Toro (Hellboy, Pan's Labyrinth) as our guest judge for the short film contest! Have your work screened by the legendary filmmaker!

Vendors coming to the festival:
Famous Monsters of Filmland
Cryptocurium: Custom Chocolates & Candies
Badali Jewelry
More to come, slots still available!

Click here for more...

(Thanks to Aaron Vanek)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Curse of Yig one-sheets, images, and reviews...

The Curse of Yig, the latest project from filmmakers Paul Von Stoetzel and Tim Uren, is finished and currently awaiting its festival run (with one screening already in the can)! Below you find several promotional posters (and images) created/taken by Richard Molby, and if you head over to She Never and the official blog of Eldritch author W. H. Pugmire, Esq., you can read reviews of the film...

(Thanks to Sarah L. Covert, W. H. Pugmire, Esq. and Paul Von Stoetzel)