Delve Deeper

Thursday, May 13, 2021

      I'm back with some special news, I've decided to do some new interviews with live people and posting them on YouTube, look for that very soon.  Until then back to the grind.  First up is some very special news involving a film my best friend told me about years back.  Crawl Or Die, it wasn't until I looked it up and found a copy at local resale shop, and then months later I actually watched it.  Wow to my surprise, I was captivated for all ninety minutes I couldn't stop.  I even watched the extras, which normally I don't bother with, but the movie was so engulfing I couldn't resist.  And just recently I noticed via FaceBook live they were streaming some great news that part 2 is in the can and they needed help with post production costs, because it was shot in 4K! YES! It's very expensive to shoot this way so they have started a Kickstarter campaign to help finish the sequel.  Check out Kickstarter for Crawl or Die or go to to find great perks for donations, and contests.

     Now back to the movie, Tank (Nicole Alfonso) is the baddest of the bad chicks in cinema today.  Her hair alone makes this movie worth watching. Lol, but I'm serious, she pulls it off with such style and flair it remarkable.  This movie has something for everyone badass action, stunts, comedy, beautiful women getting dirty, and the most terrifying creature.  If your claustrophobic, you will find this movie so frightening, you may just need to keep your lights on to see your surroundings.  

     Oklahoma Ward shows such style and grit in his delivery of such a dirty film.  It's mostly shot in tunnels, dripping with ooze and goo, with dirt and slime that I'm truly surprised he found anyone who would want to be the this for extended periods of time.  It's true feel is through the deep characterization of each and every cast member, the crew he assembled did such a dirty, nasty, filthy job in bringing this story to it's glory.  Oklahoma did his best to bring out the best in everyone involved, a true masterpiece of filmmaking.

     The story revolves around a virus that has destroyed all women from being fertile.  Until they found one and a group of soldiers are given the chance to bring her to safety to start repopulating the Earth.  And a creature with a thirst for blood, drives them underground into a series of tunnels to get to the New Earth 2, and the further along they go ammunition runs down, bodies pile up, and the fight to survive becomes a real struggle as the tunnels get smaller and smaller.

     The release of the film was 2014, seems like forever ago.  But the fans support has never wavered, for the need for a sequel, and it's finally here.  Plus you now get the chance to own some great perks from the film.  Please assist my new friends in helping them finish the post production, I assure you it will be well worth it.