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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Will there be Cool Air for Halloween...

According to information gathered from the Official Albert Pyun MySpace page, Albert's long shelved adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's Cool Air should be released around Halloween of this year. Cool Air tells the story of a struggling screenwriter in search of accommodations, who takes a room in a isolated Malibu mansion and learns of the mysterious doctor, who dabbles in strange experiments, that resides in the room above his own. Read on for more...

""H. P. Lovecraft's Cool Air" was shot back in 2005 and was the first film I ever shot in HD. It utilized the new, at that time, HDV format and we ended up having some tech problems with that as well. It was due more to my inexperience with the HD format. We are finally are correcting the issues because technology caught up with the problem the film had. This should be out near Halloween 2010. Cynthia Curnan did a masterful job adapting Lovecraft's short story and it is, I think, one of the most faithful adaptations of Lovecraft in terms of tone and inner fears. I love how the film turned out with terrific perfomances by Morgan Weisser, Wendy Phillips, Crystal Green and Jenny Dare Paulin. It's really one of my creepiest films with the most horrific ending to any of my films. Again, its a different style and direction for me as a filmmaker."

(Thanks to Cynthia Curnan)

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  1. Hi Craig,

    H. P. Lovecraft's Cool Air will definitely be released in early October. The post is finally on the home stretch and we've got the tech stuff sorted out. Keep an eye out on my facebook site as well for more updates, stills and the trailer as we get closer.

    Albert Pyun
    Albert Pyun Movies / Facebook


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